Hội thảo chia sẻ kinh nghiệm cùng chuyên gia đến từ công ty FSOFT

28-11-2021 | 441 lượt xem
Hội thảo chia sẻ kinh nghiệm cùng chuyên gia đến từ công ty FSOFT, 8h30-11h30, chủ nhật, ngày 5/12/2021.
Với sự tham gia của các giảng viên và sinh viên chuyên ngành CNTT khóa 2020 và những ai quan tâm.
Topic: From Object-oriented design to Object-oriented programming
Chair: Assoc. Prof. Ph.D. Nguyen Thanh Binh
Speaker: Engr. Nguyen Van Liem, Head of Training Department, FSOFT Danang


FPT Corporation is a global leading technology and IT services provider headquartered in Vietnam, with nearly US$1.3 billion in revenue and 30,000 employees in 26 countries. As a pioneer in digital transformation, FPT delivers world-class services in Smart factory, Digital platforms, RPA, AI, IoT, Enterprise Mobility, Cloud, AR/VR, Business Applications, Application Services, BPO, and so on. The company has served over 700+ customers worldwide, a hundred of which are Fortune Global 500 companies in the industries of Aerospace & Aviation, Automotive, Banking and Finance, Logistics & Transportation, Utilities and more.


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